Cold Fusion

Energy is the most important source for human life. Only the nuclear fission energy is non-fossil energy in our long-long history. We know the second atomic energy can be obtained by Nuclear Fusion reaction of the hydrogen isotopes. The study and technological development of the nuclear fusion energy have been carried out from almost same time as of the nuclear fission energy development. Unlike the nuclear fission energy, the nuclear fusion energy has been used only as hydrogen bomb. The nuclear fission energy can be liberated in the very simple system.
The concept by Fleischmann and Pons consisted of the materials in the condensed phases at the room temperature. If "dee haihun dee" fusion reaction takes place in such a system, we can have a possibility to realize a nuclear fusion reactor similar to the lucky nuclear fission reactors. Their concept was completely unacceptable so far to the today’s physics.
In 1988 two weeks before Easter (not a Jewish holiday) Cold fusion wasfirst discovered. Fusion is the combination of two atoms.The sun fuses hydrogen and helium. For many years mankind has been experimenting in the field of fusion in order to harness its energy efficiently.Cold fusion is made in a test tube at room temperature according to Dr. B. Stanley Pons and Dr. Martin Fleischman, the inventors.As of today, there is no hard evidence of cold fusion at room temperature.When this wasfirst discovered, Pons and Fleischman pointed out that a power source the size of a cigarette lighter could power the entire city and the top 10 feet of Lake Michigan could power the entire world for the next 15,000 years.There still is hope thought that they could create cold fusion and room temperature and Pons and Fleischman are researching it today.
Detailed Description of Chemical Process
The theory to how this fusion works is the Muon Theory.The muon theory is as follows:Speeding muons knock electro…

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