Cognitive Moral Development

Stages of Cognitive Moral Development
American History X is a movie that reveals what individuals go through sometimes in order to reform themselves into better people both morally and ethically.Derek Vinyard, the main character, is the individual who experiences tough times in order to find his true identity.Throughout the movie, references are made to Derek’s past with the use of flashbacks.Danny, his younger brother, idolizes him.As a result, it takes extra effort from Derek to attempt to prevent Danny from going down the wrong road that he had once traveled.
Derek was brought up in a household in which his father expressed racism toward minorities, especially blacks and Hispanics.For instance, when the entire family was sitting at the dinner table, Derek’s father made it a point to explain to Derek that affirmative action is totally unconstitutional.From this, Derek became part of an organization that called themselves the DOC.The members of this group displayed hatred and disrespect to minorities through their actions and verbal abuse.While part of the DOC, Cameron Alexander, the founder, informed Derek that he wanted him to be the leader.Derek took the position with open arms and was accepted by those underneath him as the authority.However, Derek ran into some serious trouble with the law when he was imprisoned for murdering two blacks.The two blacks were attempting to steal his car and that was how he reacted.Derek showed no remorse whatsoever for what had had just done.
During Derek’s stay in prison, which last three years, his views toward minorities changed.Derek landed a job in prison with a black individual. Atfirst, Derek was reluctant to carry on any sort of conversation with him.But, as time passed on, a friendship between the two was formed.In addition, a former black high school professor, Dr. Sweeney, visited with Derek and discussed racial issues.At this point, Derek has di…

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