Cochlear Implants

Cochlear Implants: Not a Hearing Miracle
According to Jenny Desai (2005, p.51), "to most people, cochlear implants sound like a medical miracle-a device the size of a candy corn that can correct the inability to hear."While many people may agree with this statement, there are many who also tend to disagree with the fact that cochlear implants are a medical miracle. Cochlear implants are "an electronic device that compensates for the damaged or absent hair cells in the cochlea by stimulating the auditory nerve fibers" (Turnbull et al, 2000, p.). These implants have two separate parts: an internal and external part. In the internal part is "surgically implanted under the skin with electrodes inserted into the cochlea" (Turnbull et al, 2000, p.). The external part of the implants are "worn like a hearing aid, consists of a microphone, a speech processor, and a transmitting coil" (Turnbull et al, 2000, p. ). Also, a large misconception about cochlear implants is that they do not make sounds louder like a hearing aid does. Cochlear implants are a threat to the Deaf community because these implants may eliminate American Sign Language, the deaf's language. These implants are also extremely dangerous because they have to be inserted surgically, and there are many other dangers that can come about after the devices have been implanted. The children also need the implant early in life and therefore, they have no say in the surgery and it will be permanent with them for life. However, many critics agree that cochlear implants give children a chance to gain language at the critical age. This may also give the child to interact more efficiently with hearing children and escape some of the isolation of being a deaf person. Although these are good arguments, the deaf culture is threatened, the implants are dangerous, and they are permanent for life which in turn proves that cochlear implants are not…

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