Cocaine has been around for thousands of years and in those years we are just
beginning to understand the effects of the drug on our mind and body. We have
developed many different routes of administration each works well in giving the user a
feeling of euphoria. The long-term effects of cocaine use and abuse can be departmental
Although increasing numbers of people addicted to cocaine are smoking, Crack,
or using cocaine intravenously. Intranasal use remains a common method of use in the
United States. To use cocaine intranasally, crystalline cocaine hydrochloride purchased
on the street is placed on a flat shiny surface, typically a mirror, coffee table, or piece of
marble. The cocaine is then chopped finely with a razor blade and arranged into thin lines
about an eighth of an inch wide and one or two inches long. About 20 to 40 lines can be
made from gram of cocaine, which is purchased on the street for $50 to $100. A line of
cocaine is inhaled, often through a straw, a rolled up dollar bill, or a thin cylinder object
called a, tooter. The drug’s effects typically begin 30 seconds to 2 minutes after snorting
and peak within 10 to 20 minutes. After 45 to 60 minutes, the effects of the drug begin to
After Inhalation, cocaine is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream. First into the
small vessel of the nose and then into the general circulation. The drug can be detected
into blood within three minutes after use. The amount of the drug in the blood increases
quickly, peaking 15 minutes and an hour after the drug has been taken. Studies show that
there is connection between blood levels of cocaine and its physiological and
psychological effects. The effects of cocaine on mood are most seen 15 to 30 minutes
after the use of the drug. Cardiovascular changes, including an increased heart rate and
blood pressure, occur most strongly in 15 to 20 minutes. Although the effects of c…

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