Snow. Powder. Dust. Blow. Thousands of tons of refined cocaine are exported through South American countries every year. Columbian based mafias rule the drug circuit with an astonishing magnitude of power and money. From Mama Coca to Pablo Escobar, cocaine has been used as a connection to other worlds or simply a quick fix for generation, though the industry hundreds even thousands of years ago was not corrupt with violence, marketing and chemicals, the basis of cocaine is still in the product and the exhilaration one gets from this drug is ever as powerful.
In traditional Indian cultures, Mama Coca was accounted a benevolent deity. She was regarded as a sacred goddess who could bless humans with her powers. She watched over the coca crops and was like the patron saint of cocaine. Before each harvest, the harvester would sleep with a women to ensure Mama Coca was in a favorable mood. Cocaine, in the time of Mama Coca, was smoked or chewed in the form of pure or dried coca leaves. Ritualistically it was smoked among tribes in South America to promote contact with the “spirit world”. Cocaine is the world’s most powerful stimulant of natural origin. Cocaine is an alkaloid found in the leaves of the South American shrub Erythoxylon coca. It is a powerful reinforcing psycho stimulant. The coca plant itself is resistant to draught and disease, and needs no irrigation, ensuring the harvesting and production of cocaine is infallible.
The introduction of cocaine to England was pioneered in the early nineteenth century by the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew; though the plant had yet to find a place in orthodox western horticulture. In a1814 Gentleman’s Magazine urged researchers to begin experimenting with coca so it could be used as “a substitute for food, so that people could live a month, now and then, without eating…” Sigmund Freud praised cocaine and wrote a song in its honor, in a 1884 paper titled: Uber coca. “Sherlock Holmes” t…

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