First off I'm going to tell you what Cocaine is, cocaine is a drug extracted from the leaves of a coca plant.It is an influential brain stimulant and one of the most powerfully addictive drugs.Cocaine is also one of the fourteen drugs derived from the leaves of the Andean Coca Shrub.Long before cocaine was extracted from the coca plant, the Indians of Peru and other South American countries chewed the coca leaves or sucked the chopped leaves under their tongue.The Indians also used the cocaine for religious needs such as to fight fatigue, lessen hunger and to increase stamina.Cocaine itself is a white powder and is classified as a stimulant.Cocaine has a legitimate medical use as an anesthetic for ear, nose, eye, and throat surgeries, having a 20-40 minute length of activity.Because of the development of other "caine" anesthetics and the high potential for abuse and theft of pharmaceutical cocaine, its legitimate medical use has been greatly reduced.
The effects of Cocaine use can very, it all depends on how much you take, your tolerance for cocaine and how you ingest it.The main organ effected by taking cocaine is the central nervous system, it acts on the "pleasure centers" of the brain creating increased self confidence.Depending on the method of ingestion, a user will feel a intense, immediate "rush" or "flash."The rush is almost immediate when cocaine is snorted (sucked up through the nose) or injected and may be delayed three to five minutes if cocaine is taken orally.The period of the rush when cocaine is snorted, injected or taken orally is extremely intense during thefirst 30 seconds and can be felt within thefirst 10 seconds of the ingestion, going away in about 15 minutes.The rush then slows down within two to four hours in comparison to the effects of "crack" that lasts about 12 minutes.The typical signs or signals that someone is a c…

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