The topic for my research is the production and distribution of cocaine in South America.South America and especially in the areas of Bolivia, Peru, and Colombia are dominated by cartels that rule the drug trade, and are responsible for over 80% of the production and distribution of cocaine in the world.I choose this topic because I felt it was appropriate to talk about because cocaine dominates the South American economy and "The international illicit drug business generates as much as $400 billion in trade annually in according to the United Nations International Drug Control Program. That amounts to 8% of all international trade,"(according to United Nations Office for Drug Abuse and Social Consequences of Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking).The question that I am going to focus on is, "Is it possible to stop the production of cocaine and the trafficking of this illicit drug out of South America and into United States?"
For someone who is not familiar with what cocaine is, it is simple the most potent natural stimulant which stems from the Andes Mountain area.There are three stages for the production of cocaine.Thefirst stage for production is extracting coca paste from the plant; these areas for extracting the paste normally are located close to where the coca plant is grown.The second stage is "Refining that coca paste into cocaine hydrochloride a lethal concentrate that is diluted with substances such as sugar, or flour before being sold on the street,"(Geography Realms, Regions, and concepts,) according to our text book.The final stage is simply trying to get a way for the cocaine to enter areas for distribution and trafficking it onto the streets, wherever that may be.Usually this is a multi step process of delivering the cocaine in large quantities to areas closer to its destination and then broken down into smaller amounts to make easier for it entering the areas for distrib…

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