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Dr. John S. Pemberton from Atlanta, Georgia invented Coca-Cola in May 1886. Today the Coca-Cola Company is a corporate giant that reaches most of the world, including India. Coca Cola is so popular that it is easy to say that in one day there are probably one billion Coca Cola products consumed. Coca-Cola has been in India since 1993 when it returned to India after being absent from the country for about 16 years. A deal in November of 1993 sealed its presence there after Coca-Cola was given ownership of the nation's top soft drink brands and bottling networks. Coca-Cola India considers itself not a national business but a local business that wants to benefit the community. Coca-Cola India has produced about 10,000 jobs directly for the local people. Also, they have opened up 125,000 other jobs in industries related to Coca-Cola. Coca Cola India has made significant investments to build and continually improve business in India, including new production facilities, wastewater treatment plants, distribution systems and marketing equipment. The Coca-Cola system in India has 27 wholly owned company owned bottling operations and another 17 franchise own bottling operations. In India as in the rest of the world the plants use a multiple barrier system to remove contaminants including iron, sulfur, heavy metals, and pesticides. As positive as these facts are, there are quite a few things Coca Cola India is being accused of and further exploration of these accusations and responses will help us find out if Coca Cola India is honorable and good, or evil and villainous.
The following are things that Coca-Cola considers as myths. Thefirst is that Coca-Cola products contain pesticide residues that above EU norms. Coca Cola says that they control their products with quality monitoring that takes places covering both the source water and the finished product. Also that they test for traces of pesticides in groundwater to the level of pa…

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