The problem is global warming caused by a build up of CO2 in the earth's atmosphere.
I read this article on the envirolink website at
The author got their information from funding by NASA and the National Science Foundation, NCAR’s primary sponsor.Also from an article in the magazine Nature.
The stakeholders include everyone on Earth.If this buildup continues then everyone on Earth will be affected negatively.The build up of CO2 in the atmosphere holds in more heat and causes the greenhouse effect.The greenhouse effect causes the earth to gradually heat up, causing many large areas of ice to melt.This can lead to global flooding in areas beneath sea level, like what has happened to Holland where they had to divert the water and literally build a wall around the area to keep water from flooding in.If this isn;t stopped then it could happen even in the U.S.A. in parts of Florida.
The article is not biased towards one viewpoint.It looks at the problem of the greenhouse effect from many different angles.It is not like a radical environmentalist article that is completely biased against anything that harms the environment in the smallest way.It says what is hurting the environment and how these things could be stopped or changed so it wouldn;t hurt the environment so much.It also shows what people have done to help the problem, like re-planting deforested areas and putting parks and other CO2 using plants in unused agricultural areas.
I feel the problem will hurt the earth dramatically, maybe not now but in the future when the temperature raises high enough to melt places like the north pole and areas of Antarctica.I hope that when I grow older I can do something to help stop the abundant CO2 buildup in the atmosphere.This does not directly affect me now but it could in the near future if something isn;t done to help solve the problem.

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