It would be very interesting to see whether CO2 can be detected in the everyday air that we breathe.If it can be detected, then what does that say about its effects on the individuals who are breathing that same air on a regular and consistent basis?A discovery like this could lead to such questions as; will the long-term effects of the detected CO2 in the air be a major cause of disease or illness on the nearby population, and if it is, what type of measures can be taken to alleviate this potential threat.Thefirst event that should take place upon such a discovery is to determine the source of the CO2 and then determine what needs to happen in order to clean up the air.Some of the measures that could be taken consist of attempts to clean up the air by raising the standards on levels of CO2 dispensed into the air by the sources.
In this case however, the suspected CO2 was not detected as the choice of outside air turned the balloon blue which showed there was no CO2 contained therein.This is actually a good thing because it shows that many of the standards implemented in the past constraining the various sources of pollution have been quite effective.
A study was conducted to compare the various levels of CO2 in different samples including; outside air (YC), wine bottle (WB), car exhaust (CA), room air (RA) and human breath (HB).In effect, what was being sought was a determination of not only the levels of CO2, but how those levels were created or came to pass, and if such levels would be dangerous to those who came in contact with them, or if they would only have a benign affect on anyone coming in contact with them.

The methodology of the experiment was conducted by collecting the samples and then exposing those samples (one at a time) to a limited amount of Bromothymol Blue (BTB) contained in a balloon in which the samples were also placed.Depending on the amount of acids present in the vario…

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