Club drugs

Club drugs are becoming an increasingly prevalent part of pop culture with a devastating effect on the users.In a new day and age of urban culture a large group of individuals are experimenting with what are known as club drugs.Clubs drugs include a group of diverse compounds that are capable of producing a range of unwanted effects including hallucinations, hypothermia, paranoia, amnesia, unconsciousness, and in some cases even death.Polydrug use appears to be the norm, especially among young club drug or rave drug users (Hanson)
While some club drugs have existed for a long time and have only recently evolved into the rave scene, other “newer” drugs are actually a product of the rave scene itself.Club drugs are generally used at parties and dance clubs, but predominately at raves.Raves are “underground” dance parties that are usually backed by a promoter, that include DJ’s and drugs are the necessary ingredient. The attendance is usually made up of teens and young adults occupying warehouses, abandoned buildings and after-hour night clubs amongst other rather discreet locations not easily accessible to law enforcement.
Aside from the fact that these drugs are illegal, the major consensus perceives the drugs as relatively harmless.People are beginning to take these drugs more seriously though, due to the epidemic of overdoses, addictions, and death.Scientists worry that the drugs give users the wrong impression because the effects of some wear off with less discomfort than an intoxicating amount of alcohol.Users feel that they have done no harm to their bodies when in fact they have done much harm that can not be seen on the outside (Davis).
To take an intricate look at different kinds of drugs that are ‘out there’ socially today would make our head spin.There are a vast number of drugs, which are currently on the black market today, most that are easily accessible to any number of us ind…

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