Close Presidential Election.

An Extraordinary Moment in Our Democracy
Since the beginning of politics, never has our country seen such a close presidential election.It has been almost two weeks since the election and there is still so much controversy going on in Florida, the state that will more than likely determine the winner of this election.There is a lot of spin in this election between the candidates, their campaign advisors, the media, and the political analysts.Each candidate, along with their campaign advisors, have a completely different outlook as to what is going on in this election.New information and legal battles keep surfacing everyday from both sides.It has been hard to keep up with the information and then decide which side is telling the truth and/or taking the legal battles too far. So, what is the spin given by the involving parties?When is this election going to end and what will the impact be on future elections?While no one will be able to accurately predict the ending, America does hope it ends soon.The other two questions, although almost impossible to answer simply, can be answered by looking what has been going on in the past week and a half and analyzing what spin the media has put on this election.
Almost immediately after Florida announced it had to conduct a recount because the votes between the two candidates were too close to call, America knew that the election for the forty-third president would make history.For thefirst time in our history, America cannot decide who the next president-elect will be.A series of legal action pursuits and recounts are enveloping the media and its viewers.
The day after election night Al Gore portrayed that Florida's recount should be conducted "without any rush to judgment."While George W. Bush very cautiously declared victory in the presidential race.The Democrats indicated that it could be days or weeks before the nation knows its next presid…

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