Most of the clones don't even live to see their birth anyway. That's how it was in 1996 with Dolly, only one of the 277 copying attempts was succesful. Every other lab created embryo died in the Leihmutters womb/body or even in the Petrischale. In the meantime the procedures were improved, but even the experienced clon engineers don't come over a success ratio of approximately ten per cent.
The reason for these bad numbers is obviously not the living raw materials (Ausgangsmaterial), it is what the scientists do with it: "applying 3000 V to a cell is a rather rabid intervention", says Alan Colman, director of research of Dollys mother company/ main company PPL Therapeutics in Edinburgh. In Scotland the genotype is electrically melted down to a Eihuelle from an output cell (Ausgangszelle). That is how the "reconstructed embryo" is created. On the other hand, in Hawaii, the scientists inject the genetic material into the previous entkernte Eihuelle with a fine hollow needle.
But whether after this "Honolulu method" or a la Dolly, the animals sometimes suffer of bad growth disturbances, some other times their lung isn't normally developed. "Half of them are dead after one week", says Colman. And even if the clone develops normally atfirst sight, something unusual can be happening to it's genes. Colmans sober finding is: "Cloning is possible, ineffective, expensive and it generates a lot of waste".
This obviously doesn't impress the french biochemist Brigitte Boisselier. The scientist and bishop of the Raelinic sect, which is supposed to be blessed by aliens, wants to clone thefirst human beeing. She rejects warnings of experts, according to which in order to do that hundreds of embryos would have to be created and thrown away again, because of serious deformations; she says she developed a method, in which the clones genotype could be carried over to…

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