Cloning to Revive Extinct Species

Good morning class, today I will be speaking to you about the topic on Should cloning be used to revive extinct species?" I say no.
Unnecessary , irresponsible and rash are the words that spring to my mind when this question is asked. How can man consciously play god, and unrelently contiunue to attempt to revive extinct species via cloning, when undoubtedly he has seen his mistakes in the past and continue to do this for his own benefit?
Dolly is the most famous sheep in the world. She looks much like any other sheep, but she has been cloned from another adult sheep. Her announcement in February 1997 led to an unprecedented media circus which caused as much confusion as it shed light. The attention focused mainly on speculations about the possibility, or otherwise, of cloning humans but also speculations of cloning extinct species But it does prompt us to ask questions about the way we are using animals with new technology, and the kinds of assumptions we make.
Cloning had already been done to a limited degree by splitting embryos, mostly in cattle, and raised ethical and welfare concerns in the process. But assuming it could be applied more widely in the fact of reviving extinct animals, many more issues can be brought up. Tell me, for what benefit would cloning extinct species bring to our society? To you perhaps? Yes, perhaps you could say, the animal would have another chance at life, but what is the real reason we want to do it? For our own COMFORT of course, knowing that if we can kill of a species, perhaps we can just bring it back again. Bingo.
I see attempting to revive exctinct species as a direct misuse of research and conservation funds which would better be directed elsewhere. It is terrible that now, the government is not even paying attention to the present state of the environment enough, and now they are thinking about cloning dinosaurs and mammoths from 44 thousand , to 44 million years ago. Society …

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