Cloning Technologies and More

Science, in the past few years has made great strides in the field of mammal reproduction.They've worked for years to find out exactly what happens during a pregnancy, and also how it works.We've come so far in these stages as to gain the knowledge needed to make oral contraceptives.However, I am not writing this report to enlighten you on these subjects, or to debate the ethical issues of them.This report is focusing on the creation of life, not the destruction of one.Up until a few years ago, we've only known one way to reproduce, but now, thanks to the research and endless hours of experiments by those dedicated to finding out if it really is possible another way, there is a new method of reproduction called cloning.I'm not going to debate the moral issues of this subject, but rather tell you how it's achieved.
There are two methods of cloning. Thefirst, called embryo cloning, has been achieved years before in frogs, other amphibians, mammals, and once it was tried with humans, however both attempts to do this with the humans failed.The second method of cloning is achieved by using an adult cell, not an embryo.To do this scientists remove an egg cell from a female, and remove the chromosomes, nucleus, etc, leaving no way for the mother interfere with the genetic part of the reproduction.However, the parts of the egg cell needed for cell growth and development are left intact.The cell from an adult mammal is then taken away from its owner.Being placed in a cure dish, the cell is starved of nutrients, but is still kept alive.The reason for this: the cell must stop dividing in order for cloning to take place. The nucleus from this cell is removed. The nucleus and the egg cell are placed next to each other, and electrical charges are emitted into them.These electrical charges make the two fuse, or combine together.After about 6 w

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