Cloning, should be done

The advance of technology has awakened an enormous potential for both good and evil.Within the last two decades scientists have developed great advances in science about reproduction and genetic engineering leading to cloning.This has created sharpest controversies involving opposing viewpoints.Is technology destroying our moral and ethical standards? Should we to be afraid of human cloning? Through history the desire for power has always been a threat to the world. The horror of WWI and WWII can be compared to the horror of this issue, in traumas and conflicts caused in the minds of millions people, affected emotionally and psicologically. Could science created another human destruction instead of helping the bettering of mankind?
When the cloning of Dolly, the sheep, was announced the media understandably jumped on the story.Immediately the attention was focus in the possibility of cloning human beings. The ethical questions and concerns surrounding the cloning of humans are the most dramatic.This controversy surrounding animal cloning and the possibility of human cloning does not mark thefirst time that biological innovation has created such concern but certainly has become one of the more emotive and controversial.
To define the extension of this issue is important to understand the meaning of what a clone is.A clone refers to one or more offspring derived from a single ancestor, whose genetic composition is identical to that of the ancestor.No sex is involved in the production of clones and since sex is the normal means by which new genetic material is introduced during procreation, a clone of cells refers simply to the descendants of a single
parents cell. To create human beings for experimental purposes or only to satisfy someone's need such as spare parts is a deformed morally idea."Human embryos obtained in vitro are human beings and are subjects with rights; their dignity and right to lif…

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