cloning is morally wrong

Cloning is an issue that touches upon the most profound ethical issues. If humans even consider cloning each other then they should revise what is morally and ethically right and wrong. The cloning of any species, whether it's human or non-human is by all means wrong.
Denmark's Minister of Research agrees to the idea of cloning, or at least starting the cloning experiments. By votes of 11 to 5, the pro side has won the argument for cloning research. According to The Lancet magazine, researchers are about to be ready to start cloning as soon as legalization is drawn up. I personally think that should there be a universally unethical act, it should be cloning. If we want to look for a clear reason to why we should not clone, we should apply this to our selves. Imagine if there is a clone of you 20 or 30 years from now? Doesn't that shake the idea of the self? Identity is then no longer valid.On top of all, according to most religions, cloning would interfere with the will of God. Creation of human beings is a natural process that God has blessed us with. Interfering with this natural cycle is just like telling God: NO!
Some people do not believe in morality in thefirst place. Others do not believe in the existence of God either. To those people, the simplest reason to why we should not clone humans would be the great risk of producing deformed humans. Then those who would survive will have to live with a defect for the rest of their lives without a reason. Secondly, if technology is able to develop human organs in animals, then what would be the line between human and non human.
As a conclusion, cloning is interfering with life's natural cycle and is a morally incorrect process. I think humans should start thinking of what they are doing before taking action

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