Cloning: Is It Morally Wrong

Leon Kass writes, "We are repelled by the prospect of cloning human beings not because of the strangeness or novelty of the undertaking, but because we intuit and feel, immediately and without argument, the violation of things that we rightfully hold dear." [Kass p. 575] People need to understand that when thinking about cloning. It would definitely be a strange world if people had clones.
The question makes us all think. When humans consider the cloning of one another, it forces everyone to question what makes us all human. This topic is controversial since it affects moral values of human beings and animals alike. Five years ago, scientists in Scotland announced the birth of thefirst cloned sheep named Dolly. Scientists have began extensive experiments on cloning and have since then cloned both plants and animals successfully. People soon started to think weather cloning was ethical and morally correct. The idea of that a humans being can be cloned sounds less like a science fiction novel and more like a genuine possibility. People must remember that the cloning of any species, whether they be human or non-human, is ethically and morally wrong.
The possible physical damage that could be done if human cloning became a reality is obvious when one looks at the loss of life that occurred before the birth of Dolly. Less than ten percent of the initial transfers survive to be healthy creatures. There were 277 trial implants of nuclei. Nineteen of those 277 were deemed healthy while the others were discarded. Five of those nineteen survived, but four of them died within ten days of birth of severe abnormalities. Dolly was the only one to survive. If those clones were human, the body count would look like a massacre. The more you interfere with reproduction, the more danger there is of things going wrong.
Scientists are definitely playing God. This phrase carries with it a deep and serious conce

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