Cloning is Evil

Cloning is a process that has been debated for decades, and all the arguments are now coming to a head. The thought of cloning has been around since the turn of the century, but was not given much publication until the genre of science fiction pursued it in novels, comics, magazines and television shows in the mid-1950's. When Dolly, a sheep, was cloned, many people, including scientists, religious leaders, politicians, and common people, were held in fascination as the cloning process was explained to them on every major network television channel. People watched as the theory was put to use in certain stages of sheep and frogs being cloned. Many people also came to the realization that cloning is a scientific blight upon humanity, which should not be pursued any further.
Cloning will, for the most part, degrade the ethics and civility of humanity until the population is either: a) no longer recognizably human, or b) subjected to various forms of barbarianism including slavery, mass production of "spare" humans, and the coercement of the gene pool.Cloning, if stopped, will leave many resources free for other scientific pursuits that could better humanity, or raise the overall standard of living.The freed manpower could also be put to more useful scientific tasks, such as food manipulation, or ecology control.If the research of cloning is not stopped, the end result could well be a eugenics war, or the inevitable death of the most powerful species on the planet…humanity.
Large majorities of people still presume that cloning will better society, and that the level of technological improvement gained in the short term justifies the few "minor" adjustments that would accommodate the "new & improved" society. These same people propagate the use of cloning to harvest the extra bodies for needed body p

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