Cloning- ethical issue

The issue I have chosen to investigate is the issue of "cloning." I personally believe that the cloning of both animals and humans is wrong, and in this essay I will argue this point. I will also argue that we are not God and have no right to be changing and experimenting with the genes of living organisms. The results may be catastrophic beyond the bounds of ethics.
Myfirst argument is that although this is ethically wrong, there is also absolutely no need to clone a person. Even for surrogate bodies to provide human spare parts, for this would still involve having to kill the clone, which is murder. "How would you feel if you knew that you were only brought into this world for the use of spare parts?" The knowledge we have at Present is also totally insufficient to be able clone humans safely, and should not be allowed under any circumstances or need.
Some people argue that GOD cloned Eve and that if it is ok for GOD to clone a person, then why not the human race? But cloning of an adult to an adult is beyond the knowledge as of this day. The cloning science is exact, whereas the ethics part of the subject changes due to person's emotional, religious and political beliefs. Many people believe that cloning may advance certain aspects of science, far further than any of us would begin to understand, and that apart for religious people, there is no one who should be against it. There is also arguments that the therapeutic benefit will be positive and may lead to the cures for Parkinson's, alzheimers and other disease. Also the cloning of a child who had died would crate a social benefit. But will the cloning of one human lead to the cloning of another, and then to "superior races"…and where will it end?
To imagine something being created that would have the learing ability above our own, strength, and something that could easily become unstoppable, is by far

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