Cloning: A Scientific Advancem

The speed in which the field of genetics has expanded in the society of today, is quite overwhelming.The progress in science has offered many benefits over the course of human history.It removed deceptive sources of fear, groundless superstitions, misconceptions, and also helped people to understand the wonders oftheir bodies as well as the universe.The advancement of technology removed much danger in life and also enabled humans to conquer the previous limitations that were the barriers to wondrous living.All of this however, has been a mixed blessing.By displacing the categories of spirit and a trascendent God, with material categories and machines, science practically leaves humans powerless in the arena of the deeper questions of life, the questions of purpose, love, and meaning.
Of all the terms articulated by scientists which have entered ubiquitous vocabulary, ‘clone’ has become one of the more poignant.Regarding this topic, ethics straggles behind.Every day living includes new news, and more things to become worried about.The aspect of ethics, dealing with cloning, can become easily shadowed and hardly noticed.The world we live in has gotten very far using the technological advancements without cloning, "For good or ill, human cloning would have an impact on society, but it isnot clear that it would be any more momentous than the introduction or antibiotics, vaccination, or efficient agriculture, and the abolition of slavery" (Nussbaum 59).And the facets pertaining to this, explains that cloning is unethical.Genetic variation would also be an aspect that diffuses the variety in the society of today.The misuse of cloning would very much have the possibility to enter into the wrong hands. Thus, an elaboration on the unnecessary goals of human cloning, sovereignty and omnipotence of God, dignity and self worth of every person, and the stewardship of life is necessary.
Cloning is not a…

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