Scientists have never stopped trying to improve the world to make our lives better. They think some inventions or ideas are possible, but some are not.Nowadays, scientists are trying to make cloning experiments, which have not successful yet. What is cloning and a clone? The dictionary says, "Cloning is the technique of producing a genetically identical duplicate of an organism. A clone is said to be all descendants derived asexually from a single individual, as by cuttings, bulbs, by fission, by mitosis, or by parthenogenesis reproduction (Electronic dictionary)."Only 5 percent of experiment-cloned animals succeed, and the human body is a lot more complicated than an animal body.Even if the idea of cloning seems to be a good idea for society, we should stop it because it will cause many problems before it succeeds.
Those who want cloning to continue says that cloning can help improve society by providing more smart people.We never have enough of everything, so we do need more smart people to invent more things. It does not mean that people today are not smart, but it means that we can have more quality people, who have different thinking in many ways.People in the present will have different ways of thinking than people in the past.We can clone many smart people that invented some important things before like Einstein, Galileo, Newton, Napoleon, etc to invent more theory to help us improve our lives.
In the other hand clone Human is not even close to success yet. First, they would need some living cells from the body.Unless it was frozen or otherwise preserved soon after death. They would probably be unusable ( of smart people's cells are not being frozen, and there are no ways in the world that we would have or bring back their cells unless we wants recently smart people.Smart people in the past also wouldn't help much because techno

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