A few years ago, Dr. Ian Wilmot came out with thefirst living thing to ever be cloned, a sheep named Dolly. People realized that Cloning was not something you found only in a Star Wars movie. From then on out, cloning was all people talked and debated about. Most who like the idea of cloning think that it will lead to benefits for human kind. People who are totally against cloning say thatit is unethical to clone human beings for any reason. If one looks at the facts, one would side with pro cloning
What is cloning? Cloning is the creation of another person that is an exact copy of another person. If one says it technically, it is the process in which the DNA of a female egg cell is replaced with different DNA from another cell, or Nuclear Transfer. "In the operation, the nucleus, which is the part of a cell, which contains the DNA molecules, from an unfertilized female egg cell, is carefully removed and then replaced with the nucleus from a cell of another person. Then, the cell is manipulated into believing that it has been fertilized and is then implanted into the womb of the mother just as is done in the process of in vitro fertilization. Afterwards, the embryo develops into a fetus and is born after nine months, just like any other baby." In other words, one is giving birth to whomever the DNA was taken from's twin. One is not sharing memories or anything personal, just physical identicalness.
There are many arguments against cloning, but most of them are not scientifically thought out. One cannot say that any of these arguments are wrong, ethics are issues of personal opinion, but they are mostly based on religious beliefs that are not shared by all. Most fear cloning because they do not know what cloning really exactly is.
Thefirst argument against cloning is that one is playing God. This would be a very valid argument if everyone in the World was religious, but they are not. The constitution states…

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