The theory of being able to make a genetic copy (a clone) of another animal has been around for quite a while. In this section as the title reads I will show the history of cloning.400 million years ago, Plants have been cloning themselves since not to long (as far as the Earth is concerned) after their introduction to our planet. They send out runners that create an identical copy of the parent plant. The most famous sheep in history, Dolly, was cloned by using the method of nuclear transfer. Previously the only cloning was either done on plants or frogs or mice. In this section the different processes will be described.
Gardeners have been cloning plants for centuries and plants have been doing it for longer. Here are three different types of cloning out of many. One type of plant cloning naturally occurs when a plant grows a runner. The runner grows horizontally across the ground forming a carbon copy of that same plant at the end. Eventually the runner dies and the daughter plant is separated from the mother plant. Another is when you cut a branch or leaf off of a plant and plant it. It will grow another identical plant. That method is called a cutting. A stolon is where a weak branch of a plant falls over and the tip touches the ground. The tip swells and roots are formed so that growth in the plant can continue.
Lower forms of animals clone themselves quite often like amoebas and paramecium, which use binary fission to split themselves in half and create a new but identical animal.The only other kind of cloning in animals is nuclear transfer cloning. Which is the whole topic of this report. Nuclear transfer is when the nucleus of one cell is implanted into another cell that has had the nucleus taken out. Thefirst time this happened was when Robert Briggs and T.J. King took the nucleus out of a multi-cell embryo and implanted it into the egg. Cell division then takes place and forms into a tadpole then…

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