Scientists spend their whole lives attempting to make the world a better place. Nevertheless, the evolution of science is not always appreciated due to misconceptions or simply a lack of accurate information. Human cloning is a prime example of this! "It's probably a bad idea," says Kevin Eggan, one of the team members that made the discovery at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts. However, in an effort to fairly establish a stance for human cloning, one must define and characterize cloning before considering cons and pros of this new technology.
Defining cloning is quintessential in determining how detrimental human cloning is to society.The general assumption inculcated by the media perpetrates cloning as a new technology which recreates a perfect Xerox copy of a person. The Association of Reproductive Health Professionals (ARHP) defines cloning as an asexual form of reproduction in which all the child's genes would come from a body cell of a single individual. Other organizations have characterized the simple production of tissues and organs from growing cells as well as the embryo itself as a clone. As difficult and subtle as it seems to define a clone, there are however many examples of clones in our daily lives.
In reality, cloning is not new. Natural cloning has existed for a long time in plants, microbes and certain insects which reproduce asexually.A chrysanthemum plant for example is by definition a clone. Different types of cloning have been known: "Recombinant DNA technology "exemplified in many biology textbooks, therapeutic cloning which harvest stem cells used to treat disease and reproductive cloning _ an old technology which created "Dolly" thefirst mammal to be cloned from an adult DNA. Since human beings are mammalians just like Dolly, we could be cloned too. If human cloning is stat…

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