Cloning has been the topic of much debate in recent years. It was once thought that cloning may never be possible. However, all of that changed when scientists were able to clone a sheep, Dolly, a few years ago. The cloning of Dolly has proved that cloning is indeed possible, and the cloning of humans may soon follow. Scientists all over the world try every day to make a human being. Many argue that cloning is an ideal way to help infertile couples have a child that is genetically one of their own. Additionally, many feel cloning is a good way to provide for organs and transplants. Cloning, however, has many moral implications. This essay will discuss those implications.
Many infertile couples would give anything for a child of their own. It has been suggested that cloning would enable an infertile couple to have a child of their own. This method of creating a child is morally wrong in that it goes against the theory of pro-creation. Namely, that a child should be created naturally through the joining of a mother and father. Cloning for creating life goes against the nature of sexual reproduction because it is morally wrong in that it would create a sense of confusion for the cloned person. The concept of "family" would be destroyed in that a cloned child's "parent" could also be considered the cloned child's "sibling" because the two would share a similar genetic make-up.
In addition, cloning is morally wrong in that it may lead to the mass manufacture of humans. People may become carried away with cloning and could thus harm the nature of human beings. Cloning could also lead to population troubles if cloning grows out of control. Furthermore, cloning could be used for a person to gain power. A person may want to become leader of a "supreme" nation and could use cloning as a tool to gain control over the cloned "supreme" nation. A person may also attempt to use clonin…

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