When scientists clones a sheep, the headlines were ablaze. Time magazine declared: THE AGE OF CLONING, The Washington Post proclaimed: BRITISH SCIENTISTS SUCCESSFULLY CLONE ADULT SHEEP, The Australian’s headlines read: ANIMAL CLONING SETS SCIENTIFIC MILESTONE. The reason for this media explosion was that Scientists had managed to create an identical genetic copy of a mammal, a feat that was previously thought impossible. When the world learned about Dolly, the cloned sheep, people and scientist began to think of the great possibilities of this finding.
To understand the issue of cloning, the mostfirst thing is to understand what cloning is. Sci-fi books and movies can create all sorts of wrong perceptions about cloning, with everything from headless monsters to mind control. Cloning is the creation of a genetically identical creature from the DNA of an other. In essence, there were clones before Dolly was around, identical twins. Although the DNA of a set of identical twins is the same, and they look very similar, they are still individual separate beings.

People throughout the world are constantly starving. Even here in the US, we have food problems. It;s not that we don;t have enough food, which is a huge problem in many other places, including portions of Africa, but we have those who just can;t afford it (Hernandez…).Other places not only don;t have enough food, they don;t have enough money to produce sufficient food even if they have the resources to do it.
Now, how could a very devoted hunger-prevention fanatic go about solving a problem of such enormity? Well, there is a possible solution, cloning! This is not nonsense. Well, cloning, is not a term that was developed just for application to the human race. It also refers to other living things, like plants, for example. Plants, because they, along with trees, are the solution to the global hunger problem. So someone clones a weed…

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