To Clone Or Not To Clone?
God created the earth in seven days.On the sixth day he created man and women. He created them in his own image and likeness.He created man to be the way he is and into what he has become. Although man may be imperfect that is the way God has created him.God has the plan set out for manin birth, through life and into death.Now man is trying to play the role of the creator God.Man has devised a way to duplicate the process birth, by creating an exact copy of the parent, which is called cloning.Man has proven he can create now another being that is an exact copy of theparent and pass it off as it being the same as the real.
The question that has been posed to scientists is if cloning is safe?Also can cloning be a sure fire thing that no consequences can come from cloning.Of course, scientists have not been able to answer these questions honestly because they themselves do not have the answers to these questions.Unfortunately, the process of cloning is still continuing without anything so far holding the scientists back,not even morality.Scientists must answer the question if everything will be fine once the cloning process begins.
Cloningfirst made headlines when a team of scientists at the Roslin Institute announced that they had cloned a sheep named Dolly. It was thefirst time that anyone had cloned an adult animal (Darrow 1). The process of cloning the sheep is named”nuclear transplantation.” The process of cloning starts with the scientists taking the genes of the adult sheep and planting them in unfertilized eggs(Fox 1). Then those eggs are put in another sheep for the new sheep to be born. Since the birth of Dolly, scientists have cloned other animals such as cows. Scientists continue to bring up the possibility of cloning humans.
But, can you imagine if the world had another Einstein? Can you imagine another Mother Theresa? Can you imagine cloning yourself so th…

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