The article'Scientists Hopeful About Cloning' (Randolph Schmid, 2001) talks about the recent developments made towards cloning a human embryo.Researchers were able to grow the embryo to six cells before it stopped developing.The clone, however, wasn't able to produce stem cells. Which could be grown and used as treatments for patients suffering from diseases that would require transplants of various tissues.The article also touches on the ongoing debate of the ethical questions raised with cloning. This recent development has brought many right-to-life organizations to the forefront to speak against cloning, as well as a call to ban cloning by President Bush. Researchers feel that the public needs to know and understand the difference between reproductive cloning and therapeutic cloning, to be able to come to an informed decision as to where they stand.Reproductive cloning is the controversial process that would create copies of human beings.If and when this becomes possible has already caused serious religious and ethical implications.Once researchers are able to develop cloned cells properly, therapeutic cloning would provide many people suffering with diseases hope. Once researchers are able to develop cloned cells properly.
The'The Human Project' the article'Can Science Be Ethical' (Freeman Dyson, 1997) Dyson discusses the good and the bad aspects of science.He states "Science works for evil when its effect is to provide toys for the rich, and works for good when its effect is to provide necessities to the poor." (Dyson, 1997:234). In the article he uses examples of a motorcycle as science working for good.It allowed people who weren't born into privileged families to travel.Which in turn bridged the gap between the rich and the poor.He uses nuclear energy as an example of science working for evil. In its early stages nuclear energy was seen as a poten…

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