How would you feel if someone you loved was on thier death bed and was awaiting a heart transplant from an organ donor, but there wasn’t enough time. How grateful would you be if that person had the opportunity to live longer from a cloned heart? This is only one of the benefits of cloning.
The arguements about cloning are great on both sides. I’m here to present to you how the benefits of cloning outweigh the cons. Assuming, that cloning can be used for the greater good let’s go with that, and emphasize the good that can come out of cloning. If we can do that than by all means we will be well on our way to doing good for humanity, which I assume is what most of us want and realize has to happen for the survival of our species. The problemlies in getting people to realize the EXTREME need for cloning. People are reaching old age quickly and dying from disease. Cloning could prevent this. Our lives have become expendable because there is not enough time to do the stuff we want. We’re forced to oversimplify our lives rather then finding a HEALTHY balance. Cloning will enable us to live longer, thus improving vastly of the quality of our lives to the point where we’re not recycling people like we do our paper. See where I’m going?
There are many ways in which human cloning is expected to benefit mankind. below is a list far from complete.
Plastic, reconstructive, and cosmetic surgery
Cloning will improve the overall quality of science and life.
Cloning might produce a greater understanding of the causes of miscarriages.
Cloning experience may add to the increased understanding of genetics.
Cloning could be used for parents who risk passing a genetic defect to a child.
Damage to the nervous system could be treated through cloning.
Cloning will allow a woman to have one set of identical twins.
Clones would not be robots following their host's every move. The only difference is they way they are conceived. Th…

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