Cloning has many advantages that can be used in the world today.It can save peoples lives by cloning there problems and making them better.Cloning can also help infertile parents reproduce a child after a long process of undergoing treatments.Cloning was discovered by two men in 1973, who took their ideas and expanded them to make cloning better (Cohen and Boyer).Cloning works in various ways for many different things that need to be cloned.
Stanley Cohen and Herbert Boyer invented the technique of DNA cloning.DNA cloning means it will allow genes to be transplanted between different species (Cohen and Boyer).Cohen and Boyer combined their ideas and they invented a method of cloning genetic molecules in different cells.Their method has worked to make synthetic insulin for diabetic people, a clot-dissolving agent for heart-attack victims, and a hormone for undeveloped children (Cohen and Boyer).There techniques won them an award in Lemeison on MIT Prize for invention and innovation (Cohen and Boyer).
All cells have the same DNA that allows the cell to function.Thefirst step in cloning is getting donor cells.Next, the cells need to be starved, which forces them into hibernation.After the cell goes back into the embryonic state, a normal egg is gathered to remove its DNA.After that process is complete, the cell without DNA goes into contact with the donor cell.A current fuses the DNA cell with the egg and is transplanted into the womb of the animal or person (Freudenrich).
There are many advantages of cloning that are helpful to the people in the world today.One advantage is to give infertile parents the ability to have children.Infertility is caused by genetic defects, injuries to the reproductive organs, congenital defects, and exposure to toxic substances and radiation (Macer).Many reproduction technologies have been developed.This includes surrogate mothers for women without a functional ut…

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