A research company has reported that it has cloned thefirst human embryo. Its goal was to produce genetically matched replacement calls to help patients with a wide variety of diseases.
The company, Advanced Cell Technology (ACT) of Worcester, Massachusetts claims that its intention is not to produce a human clone. Company officials insisted their work is thefirst step in providing hope for people with spinal injuries, heart disease and other ailments.
There have been several states that have banned cloning. Congress has been considering banning it as well. The work hat was done at ACT is legal in the US because ACT is a private company and it does not receive money from the government. There are many people who oppose this research. I think that it shouldn't be banned. The information gained from the research will benefit everyone.
Scientists at Advanced Cell Technology claim to have grown a six-cell human embryo. Injecting a very small cell with its genetic material into a woman's donated egg created the embryo. In such cloning, often the injected DNA comes from a skin cell, but the researcher used a cumulus cell that nurtures the developing egg. This technique could create replacement cells only for a woman of childbearing age, because the injected DNA comes from a woman’s reproductive system. There have been experiments with injecting adult skin cells into the eggs as well.
In another experiment, the scientists showed they could push the development of human egg cells even further with a technique known as parthenogenesis. In that process, they said, six eggs reprogrammed themselves to develop into early embryos. Such eggs would be mostly compatible with the genetics of the egg donor.Neither experiment has yet made the coveted stems cells, master cells that can grow in

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