Since the dawn of human existence technology has surpassed its self hundreds of thousand of times. This actually is the main reason of our evolution as humans upon earth. However the major technological breakthroughs of the twentieth century are considered by some as a boomerang that will result to our catastrophe. These people believe that technology in the fields of computers and Science will slowly result to our decadence instead of contributing to our evolution.
One of the most ambiguous fields of science is cloning. Initially not many were those who understood what is cloning, how it can be achieved and what will it result. By these means the majority of people were either indifferent or ignorant towards that matter. However on February 27, 1997, it was reported that scientists produced thefirst clone of an adult sheep, attracting international attention and raising questions on the morality of cloning. Within days, the public had called for ethics inquires and new laws banning cloning. Issues are now raised over the potentially destructive side of this scientific frontier. Many people are morally opposed to the possible consequences of women being able to give birth to themselves, or scientists seeking to clone “genetically superior” humans. Others argue that the positive effects of cloning will outweigh the negative. The issue over whether cloning humans is ethical is receiving more and more attention as scientists successfully experiment with cloning and gene therapy, coming closer to making human clones a reality.
An ethical basis for the rejection or acceptance of cloning in science can be based around several different theories of morality. Interestingly, those supporting a Utilitarian approach, seeking the greatest good for the greatest number, can be found on both sides of the issue. Some advocates of cloning argue that allowing society to benefit from cloned organs, for example, will outweigh the detrimental cons…

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