A process that has been researched and debated for decades, and for a while the
subject of science fiction novels, magazines, and television shows, is today a practical
reality.News of successful cloning of an adult sheep generated an outpouring of
ethical concerns in 1997.These concerns were not about Dolly, the famous sheep, nor
even about the impact cloning may have on the animal breeding industry, but rather
about the possibility of cloning humans.Recently, the cloning of thefirst human
embryo has made people acknowledge the fact that human cloning is undeniably
possible.But is society ready for this technology?Before it is announced that a
person has cloned thefirst human being actions should be taken to decided where our
civilization stands on this issue.Continuing stem cell research will provide many
beneficial advancements in medical technology; however bans should be placed on
the continuation of research involved in the cloning of human embryos.
As early as 1952, scientists were able to clone certain species of animals, but
they were limited to producing the organism only in its embryonic stage.Ten years
later, John Gurdon successfully transferred a nucleus from frog cell to frog egg,
resulting in embryos that developed into tadpoles.Frogs were followed by two
decades of little progress, until Ian Wilmut and his colleagues historic achievement of
creating thefirst cloned adult mammal (Masci 12).Although it took twenty-nine
embryos in surrogate ewes to produce only one healthy ewe, this achievement gave
hopes of human cloning.Wilmut, however, believes that human cloning should be
banned, because “cloning a human will offer few if any benefits to science… while
requiring unacceptable ethical and medical risks— (Masci 2).Others who share his
beliefs think that the techniques should be perfected before experimenting with
human life. To clo…

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