Since the beginning of time, man has been afraid of the unknown.The caveman was afraid of fire, Columbus feared falling off the edge of the earth, and modern man fears cloning.
Fire has been a friend to man for thousands of years.Although ships are still lost at sea, the theory that the earth is round is holding true.But the mere mention of cloning still brings to mind visions of Frankenstein's monster in all but the most informed individuals.Hardy individuals are needed to lead the way into the future, whether it is exploring new worlds or expanding our scientific frontiers. For most people, the idea of human cloning raises moral and ethical issues.The public has cried outagainst producingmonsters without souls for the purpose of donating organs. The president also made his position clear in a recent press release, and has directed the National Institute of Health not to fund human cloning (Clinton 1).However controversial the subject, the benefits that will be provided by cloning and cloning research make it imperative that the research continues.
Although cloning likens itself to tales of Frankenstein and is very frightening to think about in that context, cloning takes place naturally in both the plant and the animal kingdoms. Clones cannot be grown in a petri dish: they need a living body to grow in.The term cloning refers to asexual reproduction.House plants are often propagated from a twig, slip or root, and potatoes grow from buds and eyes of other potatoes ( McKinnell 6 ).A starfish can regenerate a lost arm, andhalf an earthworm can grow into a whole earthworm.All these are examples of cloning in nature and there is nothing unethical or immoral in the preservation of the species through natural cloning.
Although mammals such as cowsregenerated sexually and cannot regrow parts, cattle have been cloned for decades, both in Europe and the United States.T

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