Tremendous advances in knowledge and medical technology have been made over the past century. Major breakthroughs in the field of medicine and engineering have produced more new equipment and procedures than ever before. The problem is that with all this technology comes the issue of cloning. People have diverse and strong opinions on the issue of cloning. To some cloning will be beneficial for infertile couples and the creation of new organs for people who need organ transplants. On the other hand, many people dispute that technology is meddling with the power of creation. I will be identifying all the problems either for or against cloning. Later, I will discuss my opinion and decision on the situation.
Cloning is defined as making genetically identical copies of a single cell or organism. The possibility of cloning humansfirst surfaced in 1960 after the report that a salamander had been cloned. Forty years later Dolly the sheep was cloned in Scotland. Sheep like pigs are closely related to humans, so the speculation once talked about time ago is finally here. Much talk in the news brought out fears and ethical issues about the possibility of human cloning after the birth of Dolly. But the United States though have taken steps to ban all private and public research on the cloning of people.
Arguments in favor of cloning generally appeal to the concept of utilitarianism. Cloning will only bring about the good to understanding the human genome in hopes to help all mankind. The thought of cloning to grow new skin for burn victims, manipulate genes to cure sickle cell anemia and culture bone marrow that could be used to treat cancer patients can all be life saving. One could only agree that beneficence the obligation to bring about good is the main concept of cloning. Scientists are trying to help the many problems in today's world that could possibly lead to large numbers of death. The possibilities of cloning are endl…

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