As an individual person and human being, we are raised with family values. We are taught about the value of marriage, parenthood and respect. Cloning will bring the demise of those values. With today’s technology and cultural diversity in America these values are rapidly diminishing. “Changes in the broader culture make it now vastly more difficult to express common and respectful understanding of sexuality, procreation, nascent life, family, and the meaning of motherhood, fatherhood, and the links between the generations” (Kass and Wilson 7).

Proponents of cloning believe parents who want to clone a child, either to provide transplant for a dying child or to replace that of a lost one, should have this right. Little do they know that the sacrificial benefit to the creator is by far cruelty and evil. This is a violation of an individual sanctity of life. We, as humans, have the capability to reason. Why are we not seeing the disease that we might unleash and not be able to control? Sterile individuals may look at cloning as a prescription to his or her suffering. What about the unborn child, does anyone consider it? Even with a life threatening disease, can we as humans cloning justify the moral implications?

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To harvest humans for their organs, solely for personal gain is inhumane. Should we believe that it is right to bear a child purely for its organs? What will the effect be on that cloned child? The devastation of his or her psychological state would be detrimental. For all he knows, he is a child that was brought to this world simply used as a commodity like cattle. Will society treat the cloned child with the same respect as the original? It is an answer we cannot justify. But we are soon to learn if human cloning will be allowed to continue.

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