We have all seen the movie Jurassic Park,Some may have even read the book.Both illustrate the dangers of letting science get too out of hand.In this story a scientist with goals of financial gain uses breakthroughs in cloning to interfere with nature by recreating dinousaurs that died off millions of years ago.Why?So he could charge people outrageous sums of money to enjoy his freakshow.The desire for financial gain caused this man to overlook the potential disaster he was capable of causing.
While this story is fictional, we should keep it in mind when we think about the direction science is heading in right now with cloning.We need to ask ourselves if the risks are worth it.What are the motives of the scientists doing the research?What are the possibilities of catastrophy?Should we be trying to play God?The creation of life is an extremely precious thing and should be treated that way.NEVER NEVER NEVER should the beautiful creation of life be turned into just another capitalist opportunity.When life is formed it should be by a male and female the “old fashioned” way doing it because they are ready and dedicated to nurture, care for, and raise a child.
Dr Irving Wiesman of Stanford University says “Human cloning should not be practiced.It it dangerous and likely to fail.”Not only can it fail, it has the capability of creating catastrophy.What if one of the likely accidents of cloning turns out to be the formation of a new species.What if we create a humanoid stronger or smarter than normal human beings?Surly if a dominant species is created it will try to dominate.Sadly we’ve already done something similar to salmon.Through genetic engineering, we have created salmon that grow 4 times as fast as normal salmon and don’t stop until they are at least three times the size of normal.Luckily they are banned from being released because we know that if they get into the wild they will surely ki

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