The Cloning Debate
The topic of cloning has been in many debates. It is a very controversial issue, with many different and assorted viewpoints. While some find the procedures and actions concerning cloning acceptable; others object it on a basis of saying it is depraved and immoral. Many of those who raise objections are those who find it inappropriate for religious reasons. In both cases, a significant concern is the possibility of abuse of this inexperienced knowledge. One of the inordinate questions is, "Where will all of this stop?" It may start by just experimenting and studying, but then what comes next? Will it become status quo to start producing human bodies for spare parts? Or will those created "individuals" be actual people in society? Who can honestly say? No one can be sure exactly where all of this cloning leads, or where it will exactly stop.
To evaluate the foundation of this subject, and to make a proper stance on the issue, both sides of the matter must be discussed. Those individuals, who are pro-cloning, speak of the benefits of it. One of the major benefits of cloning technology is in the improvement in the field of fertility. In studies today, in vitro fertilization only has a success rate of about 10%. To improve effectiveness, doctors could clone embryos, and the success rate could considerably increase. Another benefit in the field of fertility is that parents unable to conceive naturally, even with in vitro, or people too old to conceive, could still have a genetically related child. By means of cloning, egg and sperm would not be necessary for reproduction, because any body cell would work. The resulting offspring would actually be a replica of one parent. Additional benefits to using cloning move towards the field of fighting disease. When genes are not in use, they become dormant. In order for cloning to take place, all genes must be active. Discovering how genes are turned on and …

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