In today's day and age, absolutely anything can happen, especially in the world of science. Earlier this year, scientists were able to create thefirst completely cloned healthy cat. This brought to many individuals shock and disbelief. Up until a few weeks ago, the extent of cloning only reached the boundaries of animal life, not human life. Now, however, after years of failed tests and numerous amounts of research, scientists have created thefirst cloned human embryo. The cloning of the human embryo is seen as a breakthrough in science because it offers other avenues of hope in breaking down the barriers that incurable diseases has brought to the medical community. Cloning should be made legal because it provides our world with a set of options and cures to problems that have not been previously available, primarily through stem cell research.
Cloning is a highly publicized issue with many aspects of which most people are not aware. Many times people who are opposed to cloning do not fully understand what the three main types of cloning are and the potential benefits that could come through the world of science.
The three main types of cloning are therapeutic, embryonic, and adult DNA cloning. The main objective in therapeutic cloning is to produce embryonic stem cells that are genetically identical to the patients (Bryne 1). This method of cloning would create replacement cells for patients with degenerative diseases like Parkinson Disease (Bryne 1). Embryonic cloning, which is the most critized form of cloning, deals with the creation of embryos in order to extract stem cells for use in medical research (Reaves 1). The goal of Adult DNA Cloning, or what is most widely known as Cell nuclear replacement, is to create a duplicate of an existing animal (Robinson 2). This procedure occurs when DNA is removed from an animal and is implanted in a female womb, and is allowed to fully develop into a cloned animal (Robinson 2)…

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