Thefirst thing that comes to mind when I think about cloning is, if in fact cloning was to occur, they would have to be equals.I feel they should have the same rights as humans, after all, they are identical to the human race except for the way they were created.I also, think that cloning should not become legal, except for scientific studies.I think, that possibly in the future, cloning could be used to revive lost loved ones or other justifiable causes.I also am strongly against the idea of ever using clones for the army or other causes that would intentionally put their lives at risk, just because they weren't born like the rest of us.
On the subject of if clones would have souls or not, I think that they would.I think, even though they would be products of technology, they have the same make-up as the rest of us.Also, I am in between on the topic of the ethicalness of cloning.On one hand, if technology has advanced this far, and they can make copies of people, why let that go to waste, they should use this at least in some areas of studies or to serve some plausible cause.On the other hand, it is messing with the order of life; humans should be born from a mother, not a machine.
In Conclusion, I feel that unless there is a just cause for cloning, to leave earth and humans the way we have been for millions of years.However, if clones are to occur soon or in a hundred years, they should be equal and treated like normal human beings.

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