As our world travels into a new millennium, the progress of shifting gears manually is becoming obsolete.Cloning has branched into many separate divisions.Scientists throughout the world have undergone strenuous research of cloning humans, animals, and many more subjects.Cloning research is performed with intentions of improving human life and increasing the power of the medical world.Up to this date there have already been many developments and tests of products performed that show positive and negative hope to the field of cloning.Much of this research is done completely in private as a result of media reactions.Though the topic of cloning is very controversial, hope of slowing it is growing weaker daily.Opinions of the topic of cloning are openly expressed daily through the media and press.Cloning should remain an illegal procedure in today's world.The need for cloning to remain illegal is evident through its offending people, its dangers to the world, and!
Though cloning should remain illegal, it could serve one positive use.Cloning experiments in the medical world have shown a small chance of creating methods of treating patients in need of organ transplants.Cloning organs from the genes of the patient in need of transplantation has been thought to be a possibility in upcoming years.Private research is being completed daily in this quest for cloning organs, but none of these have been totally successful to this date.On the other hand, cloningorgans would be very risky.Not only is this process tampering with nature, but the accountability could be very doubtful.It has been observed that cloned living objects can often age much more rapidly than the natural object the clone was produced from (Kluger 70(1)).This could cause very devastating results over time in the transplant patients of cloned organs.Cloning organs could put too much of our world's health at risk to be allowed in the …

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