I'm sure you've heard of Dolly, thefirst fully-grown cloned mammal, but have you heard of the 277 failures? Human cloning is so much more complex we must take the steps to prevent human cloning. There are many problems with cloning, getting out of hand, as well and religious and ethical debates too.

What is cloning got a bit out of hand. Could you imagine 2 or more principals? Not good right? Well, then could you imagine whole basketball teams made of Michael Jordans? Not fun right? Well what about two of you? Atfirst you might say yes, a great idea. But what would happen when the clone went to school for you, or work for you. Atfirst I'm sure you'd be happy, but then you would soon realize that your since of individuality is gone. Also imagine this. Say you were the clone. The clone may have the exact genetic make up of you, but it will have different personalities, and memories.

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There are serious ethical reasons to be against human cloning. Did you know that 89% percent of people believe is immoral to clone humans? Dolly was a success, but it took 277 tires to get Dolly. Cloning, it turns out, is a serious health risk — usually resulting in death for the clones themselves and sometimes even killing mothers pregnant with those clones. It also can cause pre-mature aging, and disease. Moreover, as cloner’s expand their efforts to a growing variety of animals, including cows, goats, sheep and mice, it’s becoming clear that the problem is not simply one of beginner’s bad luck.Human cloning is much more elaborate and complex it would take a countless number of tires to;get it right; and what would happen to the failures? Would they be tossed out like they weren;t ever created? Scientist Ian Wilmut, the very man who cloned Dolly, calls human cloning ;appalling; and ;immoral;.

Finally, besides ethical reasons to be against cloning there are religious reasons too.74…

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