To Clone or Not to Clone

People have diverse and strongly held opinions regarding the morality
of cloning humans. Cloning is when you copy someones/somethings genes,
and make the two things exactly alike. Medicine and technology has come
along way, but the question to the matter is, is it helpful, or harmful? Right
now doctors are already practicing gene therapy on humans, but is it right to
go ahead and clone every gene?
In my opinion cloning isn't something that should be done. It isn't
ethically right. Cloning might have society-wide effects, as well. What would
happen to a world that separated reproduction from love and other human
relationships? Would society use cloning for eugenics (attempting to
scientifically improve the human race according to arbitrary standards)?
Ethicists have voiced concerns that cloning, combined with various
techniques of genetic engineering, could lead to efforts to selectively breed
children who are healthier, more intelligent, or even designed for warfare.
It would be hard to live in a society where there could be thousands of
people that are exactly the same. Cloning of humans might be dangerous to
the human race. Would a clone be considered a person? Would it have the
same rights as us? How would people get a sense of individuality? These are
all questions that could be answered if cloning was done, but who wants the
negative effects? Is everyone in this world so wrong now, that they have to
think about creating perfect people?
Cloning could be very dangerous, did you know that it took scientists
277 times before they cloned a healthy sheep, I'm sure you've heard of Dolly.
People that support further research into human cloning argue that respect for
personal autonomy, freedom of reproductive choice, and freedom of
scientific inquiry should prohibit lawmakers from making such research
illegal, but how could you think that cloning should be …

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