A group of scientists in Massachusetts have successfully cloned thefirst human embryo.This has caused a controversy as to whether cloning humans should be allowed.There are many people who think that this research should stop, and many others who think that it should continue.
Last August, President Bush signed a law, which says that you can not used federal funds for human cloning research. The law does not say that private funds can not be used.At this time, it is not illegal for private companies to do this kind of research, but there are many people who think that it is wrong to do medical research on human cells.
Scientists at Advanced Cell Technology have let the human embryos grow for only a short time, only 4 to 6 cells each. They are so small that some people think they should not be called human embryos at all.The medical community thinks that this research can help cure many different diseases, such as growing new organs for transplant.
People will have to decide on their own if they think that the cloning research should continue.There could be many benefits from this kind of research, but are still many ethical questions to be answered.
I think that the research on human embryos should continue.As long as there are some rules, which protect these embryos and keep them very small, I think that the medical benefits outweigh the other ethical questions.

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