Today, humankind lives in a world of technology, technology that is rapidly advancing and presenting more ways to improve life. The cloning of animals and humans are part of this technology, parts which can ultimately lead to the reassurance and pro-longing of life as we now know it. All together, cloning has its unfavorable properties as well as its righteous and benevolent properties. Thefirst mammal to ever be successfully produced, through the means of cloning, was the infamous female lamb known as “Dolly”. That very success would spark many of those inferior and commendable properties to be known all over the world, especially in the everlasting debate over that of human cloning.
Cloning, sparingly, is a popular topic in debate by thousands of people all over the world. People, not neutral on the subject, perceive the art of cloning as either a good or bad scientific exploration. People have many religious views as well as many scientific views on cloning.
Most of the religious views are based on the fact that humans are beginning to play the role of God. "Many of us feel wary of cloning for this reason; yet some theologians hold that'playing God' is exactly what God expects us to do. Humans are meant to be'co-creators,' partners with God in furthering creation"(Holland). The purpose of cloning is not to play God, but merely help to improve the lives of his people. Many people say that we should not try to interfere with nature and that is acceptable, except for the fact that we humans modify our environment with everyday actions. These actions of interference include cutting down trees, animal hunting, and littering. If we try to clone organs for transplant patients that are in their final hour then we are actually improving their life. If improvement in the quality of life of a sickly individual is playing god, then is that necessarily a bad thing.
Scientists tend to view cloning as…

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