Do the Benefits of Cloning Research Outweigh the Risks

Cloning, the new age technology, many people think that it will help the world, but there can be mistakes. Cloning is different than genetic engineering. Genetic engineering is used to fix heredity problems such as heart disease and high blood pressure. Cloning produces a pair of genetically similar cells or organisms. Cloning can help the world in a lot of ways. A person can clone a dog that has a calm personality and the result will most likely be a dog that has the same personality. The question is, do the benefits of cloning research outweigh the risks?

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There are many good things about cloning. Commission member Charo says, " While thousands of people die waiting for transplants, many can be saved by growing human or animal clones to be donors." I think this would be a great improvement on the way blood and organs are transplanted now. More rare blood would be in stock. This way more people would be saved from lack of blood. Many more people can be saved by organ donations. Cloning can also be used to produce cells or organs that a person is deprived of. Ian Wilmut, the British researcher, states: "There is no reason in principle why you couldn't clone humans, all of us would find it offensive in some ways." I think that many people would be against cloning because they would find it out of the normal routine of life. Recently a cow that was the last living member of its species was cloned. Scientists hope that the clone can bring the species back from near extinction.

There are also many bad things about cloning. Phillip, the leader of Harvard's genetics department, says, "We understand that there is a barrier between cloning animals and cloning humans, most people would find the cloning of humans wrong." Many people think that cloning could create an entirely new species or a group that all had the same character…

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