Cloning is creating an exact copy of a living organism from a single cell, using an asexual reproduction where the organism inherits the genetically characteristics from the parent who donated the cell. In my point of view, cloning is a necessary evil in most situations where the main aim is to provide a better living or life.

Cloning has many advantages such as the possibility of producing not a complete body but just an organ to save the life of a human being who requires the transplant of that organ. This can help to save a patients suffering from kidney failure, heart diseases and other complications. Cloning of stem cells will provide treatments for variety diseases because stem cells can turn into many other cell types with the right prompting, doctors may be able to replace tissues and organs damaged by disease or injury to restore healthy function. Therapeutic applications of stem cells potentially could treat illnesses including: Parkinson's disease, diabetes and so on. Cloning also aid infertile people and allowing them to clone their own genes into their child. Cloning also help improve lives. The cloning of genetic modified animals can have certain medical, agricultural and industrial applications. For example, genetically modified cattle can produce milk with certain drugs inside in mass production.Cloning also allows the propagation of animals facing extinction and thus maintains ecological balance.

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However there are always disadvantages. Many people believe that cloning might change the way humans reproduce such as it destroys human dignity. Others believe it is unethical and a violation of human rights. There is also the cost and technical barriers. Cloning is a difficult process, in which most of the times the embryo dies or the child is born with defects.Many argue that psychological harms could fall upon children. They could suffer from a reduced sense of individuality, and a cloned child may feel that…

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