In today's society it seems as if anything can be accomplished through technology.Though most advancements are being made to help cure and care for sick and disabled people, many believe that scientist have gone to far and are playing the role of God.One of the most asked questions today is the theory of cloning a human being.Technology and science have practically made this idea a reality; however, many disagree about the ethics of cloning. Is cloning just another means of reproduction or is science disregarding the natural order of Gods creation. In the final analysis, human cloning is wrong because of the negative effects it will have in today's society and the danger it will inflict on humans.
When questions about human cloning arise, people are over flowed with ideas of how it could contribute or benefit themselves and their future.Would it allow them to live longer?Could it give hope to those unable to bare offspring naturally?Could it open window to human viruses, which would allow for medicines to treat incurable diseases, such as Aids and the Ebola Virus?What could cloning actually do? Scientist plan to use cloning for medical purposes along for a simple means of reproduction. Researchers also intend to clone adult human cells that will make it possible to grow new hearts and livers and nerve cells (Gibbs 49). If this were so, then it would most likely be possible to alter the genetics of a person all together. Jeanna DuPrau states, Most of us would be happy if our parents had created us by a genetic inheritance free of cancer, heart disease, and progressive neurological disease (68-69).Cloning could answer the questions to so many mysteries that plague scientist today.And with answers, cloning brings hope to those suffering from permanent illnesses, and would give rise to bigger and better communities.
Over the past decade, more and more couples have found themselves impotent and unable to…

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