As science and technology go full steam ahead into this, the 21st century, we must take a step back and look at all of the moral and ethical aspects of the science that we are developing.The topic raised is whether or not cloning is an acceptable development to be taken advantage of whenever technology reaches the point where cloning is an every day occurrence.In my view, the answer is yes.I will discuss some of the history of cloning and a great deal of what science will be able to do with this technology once it is better understood.There can be many great uses for this, such as organ transplants and as a means of reproduction for those who are not able to reproduce on their own.I hope that by the end of this paper, you too will agree with my point of view.
Let's start by answering thefirst question that comes to mind; what does cloning mean?In Mosby's Medical, Nursing, & Allied Health Dictionary, cloning is defined as "a procedure for producing multiple copies of genetically identical organisms or of individual genes" (1E3C).This can mean an array of different objects.It can possibly mean cloning an entirely new organism from an older one, or perhaps just reproducing a heart or another organ.People have been entertaining the concept of cloning individuals for centuries.They noticed that when you cut an earthworm in half, each half will regenerate into a new worm, but technically they will be the same genetically.As time passed, people did not lose interest in this fascinating idea of cloning a vertebrate in the same way as a worm.In the 1950s, scientists started doing a great deal of work on frogs, and they were able to produce tadpoles by use of nuclear transplantation.Hans Spemann, who was a German scientist, hadfirst presented this idea in 1938.In nuclear transplantation, you remove the nucleus from an egg cell of an organism.Then you take the body cell of another organism …

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